What type of addition is right for you?

Things to consider about a home addition

A home addition is an investment in your future. Here’s WHY:

Lifestyle; not only will the home addition create more space, thereby giving your family the lifestyle you dream of. It will add value and street appeal to your home.

Planning House Additions

Planning and Approvals


Take your time in researching and finding insured and fully qualified building professionals, one who can discuss your needs, wants and budget. These building professionals should give you an accurate quotation and concept design, to help with your planning.

How much will a home addition cost?

There are many variables we consider when building an addition to your home and below is just an example:

size of the addition
materials to be used, externally and internally

How long will a home addition take?

A home addition will take approximately 6-8 months to complete. This time frame guideline starts from signing the quotation to job completion.

Time frame guideline:

There are recommended processes and approvals that work together to build your addition. They all require time to provide accurate and comprehensive reports.

Designing a home addition

Step 1: Where to Start:

Identify your needs
Your wants
Establish a budget
And you will receive an extension that enhances your lifestyle.