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In an effort to save money and hassle you may be tempted to draw up your own plans for an extension.

Sure, this idea may sound good on paper. But the truth is you have to take into account a lot of key details to get it right. And the sheer number of design options, council requirements, construction considerations and finishes means you are more likely to make a mistake – even for a ‘minor’ extension.

Find out how an expert draftsperson can create the right building plan for you and save you time, money, and hassle.

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What goes into a building plan?

A home extension building plan is a to-scale drawing of the proposed extension.

The plan specifies the layout of the extension, how it complements the rest of the property, materials used, and the location of furniture and appliances, budget compared to space, size to name a few. Furthermore, the plan also provides a total cost estimation of the project.

Each state and territory has their own criteria in terms of what goes into a building plan. Regardless of your location though, virtually all home extension building plans must take into account:

  • State or territory government building regulations – to ensure the work is structurally sound, fit for purpose, and complies with zoning requirements.
  • Foundation data (including soil tests) – to work out the approximate foundation depth, excavation costs, and the most suitable footing system for the building.
  • Minimum energy rating requirements, and
  • Local council laws
  • Building Codes
  • Budget
  • Home addition Size, scale, placement onsite or on /against existing home
  • Site access
  • Heritage

Failure to include all these details in writing could lead to expensive last-minute changes later on. And, if you already have a building permit, you may need to amend the permit to make it valid.

These are just some of the many pitfalls of drawing your own plans for an extension. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Draftsperson:

By hiring a professional draftsperson to create your building plans, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your project:

  • Complies with the highest standards

A good draftsperson uses their in-depth knowledge of both local council guidelines and the Building Code of Australia to ensure your extension is compliant.

  • Meets the sustainability requirements

Aside from meeting the minimum energy efficiency requirements, a good draftsperson will help you go beyond the minimum energy rating standard to help you save on ongoing running costs.

  • Will enrich your current and future lifestyle

Do you envision a large living area to entertain the kids? A private office to establish your own business? Regardless, a good draftsperson will bring your vision to life in a way that reflects your lifestyle and personality.

  • Fits your ideal budget

So as to keep the cost of labour, materials, and associated fees at a price you can afford. No surprises or hidden costs.

Best of all? Working with a draftsperson can help you pinpoint opportunities to increase the resale value of your property.

Don’t risk drawing up your own plans for an extension. For total peace of mind book an appointment with our professional draftsperson today.

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