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How do I go about obtaining a quotation?

Easy, just fill out our inquiry sheet and email it or phone us to make an appointment.

I would like a quote but don't have any drawings?

Our design team can design an extension/addition to compliment your budget and needs.

I am not satisfied with the quotations I’ve received to date?

Just contact us, your worries are over. We give you a comprehensive quotation and drawing which will give you all the information you require to make an informed decision.

I have been told I can’t build what I asked for?

There may be a good reason why this was said.

Here at Apex Alterations and Additions we will brainstorm together alternatives to suit your family needs and lifestyle. We will explore all your alternatives. Remember we are designers and builders.

I have phoned a number of builders but they never came. I didn’t even receive a phone call.

Communication with clients is paramount to any business. From quotation to Completion your always in the know. Just call us and find out why so many clients choose us when building their dream addition.

Do I need to have an architect/draftsmen draw my addition/extension?

No. We have an internal drafting service and are more than happy to discuss your dream addition.

Is my house strong enough to take the weight of an upstairs addition?

Usually yes. If not we make sure it can. If this cannot be achieved at a reasonable cost, we will bring this to your attention so alternative methods can be discussed.

I know what rooms I want but I’m not sure whether I should build upstairs or downstairs?

At our first consultation we will discuss the positives and negatives for both. Together we will weigh up the best option.

Is it cheaper to build upstairs or downstairs?

Not until we see your premises and what you require can we give you an informed decision or suggestion.

I have no idea what buildings cost nowadays?

We can give you approximate figures over the phone or by a quick site visit which will help you with preliminary figures to help you with your finances.

Our bank told us to get some quotes first.

As a customer of your bank you can obtain some preliminary figures on monthly repayments. We could give you an approximate budgetary figure for your dream addition which you could take to your bank to get an idea of costs.

How does a bank determine if I can afford a loan?

Banks look at three areas

Your Application for a Loan is based on 3 pieces of criteria.

  1. Serviceability ( Can you afford to pay the loan along with your living expenses)
  2. Security (Valuation of your home with lending up to 80% of its value with mortgage insurance up to 90% of your comes value) I you already have a loan you may already have borrowed a % of the 80% rule thereby reducing the amount you can borrow.
  3. Credit rating (eg.You have always paid your bills/debits on time)

How will I know if I’m over capitalizing?

We can give you some preliminary pricing for your home addition. We suggest you invite some real estate agents to give you some onsite home market appraisals with and without your home addition and compare them with your local area. This will indicate to you if you are overcapitalizing in your area.

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