Our Story

It all begins with YOU…


Our clients are…

  • Typically, families living in the Greater Sydney Area with the need for an improved quality of living and space.
  • Passionate about and love, their home, their neighbourhood, their family and understand their family’s needs.
  • Aware of and understand, not just their own needs, but appreciate the complexities of what we are trying to achieve for them. Out of this comes respect for our team and business.

It continues with…


We are a company built on…

  • Experience. Apex Alterations and Additions Pty. Ltd. was started in March, 1989. Being in business for almost 30 years and after building 100’s of home additions, we like to feel that we have the expertise and know-how to build a quality home addition to suit your needs and lifestyle.
  • Listening. We will build our clients dreams by listening to and understanding their needs to ensure we are all on the same page and deliver an outstanding home addition that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.
  • Learning. We believe with job specific, industry relevant education, we can stay at the forefront of design and technology ensuring we can fulfill and exceed your expectations.

And comes to life with…


We hold fast to fulfilling the dreams of our clients through our Values and Attitudes…

  • We are a team of caring, honest, trustworthy, genuine, approachable, understanding, disciplined, devoted, professional and educated group of people that have a positive attitude towards all those we are involved with.
  • We pride ourselves on listening to your needs and delivering a home addition that has the right look, style, size, shape, and budget.
  • Being paid for the work you enjoy……. is great …….But being paid and then hearing our clients say… “WE love our home addition. It fulfills not just our dreams, but our lifestyle. We love the way our family needs have been met. Practically and emotionally, it’s now easier to live.”…makes it all worthwhile!

And ultimately, it’s all under-pinned with…



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